How much is corrugated steel fencing?

How much is corrugated steel fencing? Corrugated steel fencing prices fluctuate every week. The best way to get current pricing is to give us a call!

Factors that will affect the cost are:

• Height of the fence,

• Total job size,

• What material is used, and

• Difficulty of installation

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Jeff O’Neill with Affordable Fence and Gate.

The question is, how much is corrugated steel fencing? Something like this, six foot tall starts $34 to $35 a linear foot. Something like this with a stylized cut starts around $40 a linear foot.

The things that are going to affect your cost are the height of the fence, the total job size, what material is used, and the difficulty of installation.

On our corrugated steel fences, most of our work comes with a decorative cap rail, provides two functions: it looks nice, gets a nice finished edge, as well as takes away any sharp edges. Someone walks by your house, running their hand across the fence, nothing sharp to cut themselves.

Over here, a lot of the areas in our place — southern Arizona – homeowners like something to match with the mountains. So we can do a mountain cut onsite with a plasma cutter. I’m not sure if you can see in the video, but we actually radius it to go around hilltops and yards.

Corrugated Steel Fencing with Mountain Top Design | Rusted Metal Fence CF232
Example of installed corrugated steel fencing with mountain cut – CF232

So again, those are the major things that will change the cost of your corrugated steel fencing.

We do have plenty of pictures of our installations on our website, Check them out for ideas.

Thank you.


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