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Wrought Iron Fence (Ornamental Iron Fence)

Whether keeping javalina out of your courtyard, or highlighting your swimming pool, our custom-made wrought iron fence | ornamental iron fence product will create a beautiful protection for your home.

Wrought Iron Fence | Ornamental Iron Fence Gallery.

In the gallery below, you will discover many different models of what we call “view fences”:  fences that keep your views as unencumbered as possible. Tucson’s landscapes are gorgeous, and we design with the local desert and mountains in mind. Fences have to blend in the landscape rather than stick out like a sore thumb. In Arizona, borrowing from nature is more important than showing off.

Our models of  are very diverse: personal style is expressed in many ways. For instance, our wavy patterns are incredibly popular. People love the ‘fun’ aspect of alternating straight and wavy pickets.

If you prefer the classicism of straight pickets, you can pick options such as spear points or flat top, or “alternate twisted” with knuckles or baskets. You can also choose among many different finishes and colors: rust, matte black, powder-coated or painted.

Check out the “rebar” models: this a very original design which people love either all wavy or “alternate wavy”, in a beautiful rust finish.

If you like a very avant-garde style, consider “pipe fence”. This fence is made of strong steel pipes welded to a base which is itself deeply anchored in the ground. The pipes hold straight with no top frame. They can be of the same height or of different heights as you please. This type of fence is difficult to create and install; it is usually seen in upmarket properties and gates communities.

Wrought Iron Fence | Ornamental Iron Fence for Pools

Wrought iron fencing is not just for fencing your property: it’s also used to highlight and secure a pool. City codes in Arizona require permanent pool barriers for safety reasons, so we might just as well make these visually awesome! We work with the shape of your pool, spa and deck to contour the pool fence the way you want to see it. It becomes an object of art, rather than an encumbrance. Pool gates are also a way to add some pizzazz to the design of a fence: a lot of our clients like arched top gates, as a way to break the continuity of a pool fence.

If you have stairs outside, for instance a small stairway to access a pool deck, think about railings. Railings help guide your steps coming up or down the stairs, and also protect children or seniors from falling off the side. They also help beautify balconies and make them safer. Better safe than sorry, always!

Finally, there is no end to the way we can install your wrought iron fence | ornamental iron fence. As you can see in the gallery below, some fencing is mounted on top of a wall and shorter than usual. Sometimes, it’s installed in front of a plain wall, to beautify it.

Thank you for reading and please take your time to look at our photo gallery: every wrought iron fence model and variation discussed above is available, so don’t hesitate to call us at 520-884-5838 for additional information, technical questions and estimates.

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