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Corrugated Steel Gates

Affordable Fence and Gates build the best looking, safest corrugated steel gate…period! We offer it installed both horizontally and vertically.  Any height is available.  In a natural rust finish it offers a beautiful and cost effective product to enclose your property.  Like all our products we have a built sample section at our showroom so you can see the product before you buy.

Affordable Fence and Gates has been installing corrugated steel gates for over a decade.  The growing popularity of this product can be attributed to its aesthic appeal that is combined with a maintenance-free finish that will last longer than any other option.  Our abundance of sunshine is wonderful for outdoor activities, but it can wreak havoc on some of the more common gate materials. 


Natural wood is one of the most vulnerable materials with which to construct a gate.  If not treated frequently, it will start to blacken and rot within the first year.  By the end of the second year, it will be completely black and by year five it has often been knocked over by one of our monsoon storms.  These are our most common requests.  By upgrading a broken-down wooden gate our clients are adding value, privacy and beauty to their property.

We are also able to offer options other fence that are not available with other fencing contractors.   Our extensive on-line gallery features styles and installation techniques unique to our company.  We offer the protective/decorative trim on the top of the gate, which not only gives it a more finished look, but also removes the chance of injury from the sharp factory edges.  Using the color matched rubber-grommet screws allows your corrugated steel panels to flex and reduces the rattle produced by the wind when other types of screws are used.

Some of our competitors weld the panels to the framework.  Unfortunately, that installation technique can eventually lead to cracks in the material caused by the difference in material thicknesses and the constant flexing of the fence.  Our hand-cut mountain design helps our corrugated fencing product disappear by more efficiently blending into the surrounding desert landscape while still providing desired privacy.

When selecting a contractor for a corrugated steel gate & fence project, we urge you to research your provider, not all installations and companies are equal. 

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