Gates With Snake Guards

Protecting you and your pets from some of the Arizona Wildlife is the main goal of adding Snake Screen t​o your yard.

Gates: Custom gates from Affordable Fence can be ordered with snake guard.  All gates with our snake guard option include full height cover straps for both the hinge and latch side, as well as a metal sweep along the bottom.  Single gates over concrete or pavers include rising hinges. This lets the gate lifts slightly off the ground as it opens allowing a tighter fit of the sweep and a minimal gap underneath the gate frame to keep critters out of your yard.  If your gate is going over dirt, we have you covered! Gates that are mounted over dirt include a raised, metal threshold set in the dirt and in between the posts. This allows the gate to close tightly against it and provide the same security from pests. All gates with snake guard have a maximum gap of ¼”. 

Stop by our beautiful showroom and take a look at our demo gate that shows how our rising hinges operate.

Treating a snake bite for you or your pets can be $1000’s

Our goal is to give you peace of mind as your family and pets enjoy your outdoor living area