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Ornamental Iron Enclosures

Enclosures  give you the security of a Security Door, but encloses a larger area.  This gives room between the home owner and visitor when coming to the door, and also helps keep pests out of the foyer area.  All enclosures are custom built, and can be made insect-proof just like a security door.

Ornamental Iron Enclosures are a fantastic option for homeowners with a recessed and enclosed entryway to the front door of the home.  These recessed areas allow the customer to upgrade from a security door which is secured to the face of the entryway door by, instead, enclosing the entire opening of their recessed entry area.  These enclosures contain their own door and will completely and effectively seal against insects, rodents, debris, and criminals.  The benefits of installing a decorative enclosure are numerous. 


Enclosures allow for the recessed entryway to become a secure extension to your front door.  With a locked security door, the resident can open their front door for a stranger, see and speak with them, without allowing unwanted access to the inside of the home.  In addition to the added security, it can also create a more secure area for package delivery, or an area where pets can lounge and enjoy the fresh air and view, without risk of escape.

Often, entryways that are not enclosed can become a trap for leaves and other debris that are blown in from a storm.  Without a place to exit, it is whirled in circles until it is removed.  The addition of an enclosure will prevent this build-up and, in-turn, help prevent those elements from being carried into the home.  Just like our security doors, enclosures are custom built to fit and are available in countless designs to suit the tastes of the client.

Most sizes can be powder coated and are offered in our Traditional Build Style, which uses standard locksets and barrel hinges, or it can be upgraded to our High Security Build Style, which is built with an upgraded frame size, 6-inch hinges, a commercial grade paddle lock, and a beautiful decorative pull handle of the customer’s choice.   They are built with automotive grade gaskets, adjustable rubber bottom door sweep, welded barrel hinges with grease fittings, and a solid steel sill plate.  They are also available with three different types of screening: Suntek, which is a great option for value, UV protection, and insects, Perforated steel, which offers additional security and can be powder coated a variety of different colors, or our newest screening product, Stainless Steel Mesh, which provides the highest level of security with the least obstruction of view.

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