Snake & Critter Fence

Protecting you and your pets from some of the Arizona Wildlife is the main goal of adding Snake Screen t​o your yard.

Treating a snake bite for you or your pets can be $1000’s

Black vinyl coated galvanized hardware cloth with ¼ mesh
(Nearly Invisible)
Screwed to fence using zinc coated screws
Variety of heights available
Trench and buried along dirt fenceline
Butted and secured against walls and home
Gates: Side Cover Straps, Steel sweep along bottom, steel threshold along dirt
No gaps larger than ¼ to top of mesh

Our goal is to give you peace of mind as your family and pets enjoy your outdoor living area

Affordable Fence and Gates​ uses Black Poly coated 23 gauge welded wire screen with ¼” spacing. This product has the smallest spacing available while being almost invisible from a short distance.

A view from up close, and 10’ away. Nearly invisible

All gates have coverstraps installed on the sides. A steel sweep or steel threshold along the bottom.

Across the dirt fence line is trenched 6” and buried. At footers or where trenching cannot be 6” below grade, snake screen is flared out and buried with native soil.

Snake fence is Black in color. Screws attaching the fence are Silver. Metal Cover Straps, Sweeps, and Thresholds will be left in Black or Gray primer. Snake Fence will have some waves and not lay completely flat.