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What are some styles for corrugated steel fencing?

Depending on the region, we can say there are 3 main styles of corrugated steel fences and variations around these:
• Standard vertical set (corrugated steel set up vertically)
• Landscaped vertical set (e.g. “mountain cut”)
• Horizontal set (straight cut or landscaped)

Variations include: • Zinc coating • Window inserts • Painted frame

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Jeff O’Neill with Affordable Fence and Gates.

The question is, what are some styles for corrugated steel fencing?

Here in this video, I’ve got two styles we do a lot of.

This would be considered “standard vertical set” steel fencing. And that is what we call a “mountain cut”.

Over here, the vertical set. We have a cap rail on top, very economical, runs great in straight lines, especially when the grade is pretty flat so you don’t have a lot of stepping to be an issue.

Corrugated Steel Fencing with Gate | Rusted Metal Fence with Gate

Corrugated Steel Fencing (Vertical Set)

Over here we’ve got the “mountain top cut”. So if you’ve got a great view in the back that you’re looking to preserve but still get some privacy or keeping things in and out, this would be a great solution.

Corrugated Steel Fencing with Mountain Top Design | Rusted Metal Fence

Corrugated Steel Fencing with Mountain Top Design (CF232-4)

You could see in the picture we actually have it with a nice radius.

Corrugated Steel Fencing with Mountain Top Design | Rusted Metal Fence

Corrugated Steel Fencing (Mountain Top Design) with radius (CF232)

We also do it where the corrugated steel is set horizontally, a really great look, very modern, clean. Something like that, you want to make sure that the grade is relatively flat. (It won’t work well visually with slopes).

Corrugated Steel Fence | Metal Fence | Rusted Corrugated Metal Fence

Corrugated Steel Fence – Horizontal Style (CF225)

If you take a look at our website, we have a bunch of pictures. We do a lot of different things with corrugated fencing, everything from cutting windows in, putting a type of grid in to give kind of an older look.

We also do some of the zinc-coated variation. Something like that is going give a much more modern look with a painted frame.

Corrugated Steel Fencing | Metal Fence

Zinc Coated Corrugated Steel Fencing (CF213)

Again, there’s a lot of things you can do with corrugated. It’s great for privacy, cost-effective, and the styles are just about unlimited.

Take a look at our pictures online.

Thank you very much.


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