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Synthetic Wood Fences

Affordable Fence and Gates installs traditional looking synthetic wood fencing.  With steel framing and synthetic wood your fence will last with no maintenance.  This is a great alternative to chain link fence, or masonry.  Stop by our showroom and see a sample panel.

Synthetic wood fences, also known as composite fences, are a popular alternative to traditional wood fences. They are made from a combination of recycled plastic and wood fibers, creating a durable and long-lasting material that is resistant to rot, insects, and weathering. In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of synthetic wood fences and provide some tips for choosing the right fence for your needs.

Benefits of Synthetic Wood Fences

  1. Low Maintenance: Synthetic wood fences require very little maintenance compared to traditional wood fences. They don’t need to be stained, painted, or treated with chemicals to protect them from rot, insects, and weathering. All you need to do is occasionally wash them down with soap and water to keep them looking like new.

  2. Long-Lasting: Synthetic wood fences are designed to last for decades, even in harsh weather conditions. They are resistant to rot, insects, and fading, and they won’t crack, split, or warp over time like traditional wood fences.

  3. Eco-Friendly: Synthetic wood fences are made from a combination of recycled plastic and wood fibers, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. They are also a sustainable alternative to traditional wood fences, which can contribute to deforestation.

  4. Versatile: Synthetic wood fencing comes in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to choose a fence that complements your home’s architecture and landscape. They can be customized to fit any space, from small backyard gardens to large commercial properties.

  5. Cost-Effective: While synthetic wood fencing is initially more expensive than traditional wood fences, they require less maintenance and last longer, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run. Additionally, the cost of traditional wood is increasing due to the rising demand and shrinking supply.

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