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What is the safest pool fence?

What is the safest pool fence? The safest pool fence is an ornamental iron fence, for four main reasons:
• Rigid installation
• Permanent installation
• Customizable to follow the lay of the land
• Features a bottom rail

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Jeff O’Neill with Affordable Fence and Gates.

The question is, what is the safest pool fence? The safest pool fence is an ornamental iron fence, for four main reasons.

First one is, it’s a rigid installation. It’s solid, we’ve got posts, concrete in the ground 16 to 18 inches, no flex in the gate or the fence.

Pool Fence - Rigid and Permanent Installation

Pool Fence – Rigid and Permanent Installation (IF100-21 ST)

The second one: it’s permanent. You’re not taking it up and down; the holes aren’t getting wobbled out. Every time someone comes out of the house there’s a pool barrier in front of them.

The third one is because this is hand-built, it can be customized to go over planter walls, around barbecues; it’s easily customizable to make sure wherever your pool fence needs to be, it goes and it looks attractive.

Pool Fence with Customized Shape

Pool Fence with Customized Shape (IF100-10 ST)

The fourth reason is the bottom rail. On a normal iron fence, the bottom rail is solid.

Pool fence with safety bottom rail

Pool Fence with Safety Bottom Rail (IF216)

On a removable mesh fence, there’s some give to it even with the proper installation. What that means is that when you’re going over dirt or the ground, there’s a little extra-give. And if you’ve got a child trying to dig out dirt or anything else, it’s that much easier for the child to get underneath the barrier.

There’s nothing wrong with removable mesh fencing; we do a lot of it. Usually in homes where the kids are not there all the time – like grandparents, or thing like that.

Or if the homeowners are having parties or the child is over there only every once in a while and the homeowners want a barrier, removable mesh fencing it’s a great option.

But in a home where there are children all the time, ornamental iron fence is simply the safest installation to protect your children and enjoy the beauty of your pool.

Thank you.


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