Removable Mesh Pool Fence – Easy in, Easy out

Mesh pool fence does not currently meet pool barrier code, but it is a great solution whenever a traditional, permanent  installation is not needed, and an easily removable barrier is desirable. 

A mesh pool fence is a practical solution for homeowners without children, or grand-parents who receive their grand-children only occasionally and need to secure their deck. This light barrier can also be used on social occasions: for instance, when you give an outdoor party and don’t want your guests to fall into the water.

Once installed by our technical team, a typical mesh fence will take homeowners 15 minutes to be put up and down. It is a simple task that can be best done by 2 persons.

Over the years, we have installed hundreds of mesh pool fences in Tucson and surrounding cities. The popularity of this option hinges on cost-savings, but also on the fact that once their unusual event is over, homeowners can take their fence down to enjoy our magnificent Tucson xeriscape views, free of any obstacles.

Please take a look at our gallery below, and call us for any technical details and an estimate.