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Tucson Pool Fence – A Contractor with a Strong Experience

Affordable Fence and Gates has been building swimming pool fence in Southern Arizona for over 20 years. We work very closely with the builders in the Tucson area during the construction process, as well as with many homeowners who have purchased a home that has a swimming pool without a proper pool fence.

Over the years we have designed and built a large selection of beautiful pool fence options that add a decorative flare to your backyard oasis, and meet the requirements of Arizonan city codes. Our website gallery shows decades of our work. We also are one of the only fencing contractors in town with a large staffed showroom and many examples of pool fence you can see and touch


Fencing pools in Tucson to help prevent drownings is a top priority.  Because safety is such a key component of a pool, it is important to select a fence contractor that is truly an expert in local codes.  Each municipality has its own code, and they are all different: different height requirements, different hardware requirements, etc.

Hiring the wrong contractor can turn a relatively straightforward fencing installation into a nightmare of delays and return inspection visits. A huge waste of time and headache for the homeowners. Not to mention vulnerabilities in the safety of the pool fence itself. This barrier is usually the last step in a new construction project.  The last thing that homeowners want is to delay filling up their basin because of a preventable error by their fencing contractor.

Our company fences many new construction pools, and we thoroughly understand the different codes in each area.  All our pool fence models include fully welded pickets, pressed steel caps (the paint on the plastic ones our competitors use will flake off and the caps will deteriorate in the sun).  Colored paint includes a high zinc primer and Dunn-Edwards paint top coat.  Adding a nice curved barrier line to compliment the flowing edges of a deck, or an arch to your gate allows your pool fence to blend with the landscape and the design elements of your home.

The safest locking system for a pool fence gate is called a Manga Latch.  It requires 2 hands to open, comes with a standardized key, and cannot be “bounced” open by a child standing on the bottom rail of the gate.  Because this is the safest option, we strongly recommend its installation on all our gates. Gates are also installed with a spring, or an option for a hydraulic closer so that they are self-closing.  A properly designed and installed pool fence can do more than provide safety for your family: it can add a fantastic and appealing accent to any yard.

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